"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success" - Henry Ford

What we do

In Private Equity markets everything is unevenly distributed whether it is information, returns, data, deal flow or valuations. The lack of transparency leads to a plethora of issues - companies find it difficult to identify suitable investors that can help them to scale their business and investors are flooded with investment proposals that do not fit their scope, are too early, too late, too left, too right. Therefore, having access to accurate and reliable data affects and determines everything.

Apollonian strives to change the way information is distributed in the private equity market regardless of the size, sector, maturity, or focus of any given company or investor. We created INSIGHT, an award-winning multi-model solution for both companies seeking to attract capital, mitigate risks and boost growth as well as for portfolio managers to improve their deal flow management, due diligence processes and portfolio monitoring.

Our core values can be summarised in Insight, Transparency and Growth.

These values are central to our vision of a relationship-driven advisory committed to serving its clients. Insight reflects our commitment to deliver in-depth, accurate and holistic assessment of a business with absolute integrity. Transparency refers to our strive to foster greater transparency with regards to valuations of unlisted companies. Growth represents our continuous efforts to help our clients to reach their fullest potential. By combining these core values we go beyond expectations and always deliver services of the highest quality and professionalism.

Our team